I actually can't thank you enough for all the amazing work you did for me, from the second I walked in to Bicester ford looking for a car, you listened to what I wanted/was looking for and put no pressure on me to choose something I didn't want. I was quite specific about what I liked and didn't like, as you soon found out! but even after all the viewings of cars and indecisiveness that occurred, you pulled it out the bag with this car. I love it so much! Callum got me a car that I absolutely love and is affordable for me! I would definitely recommend Callum and Bicester ford to anyone looking to buy a car from a dealership as you were just brilliant. There we no bad points about any of the whole car choosing experience, except the waiting for the new car to be worked on!-too exciting!!

Give a big thanks to those at Buckingham also please as they did a fabulous job on the colour change! 🙂